-Hi, Sunday… you’re ok, most of the time –
if you ever change your name, consider Bachday.

-Monday… “Ride the Jaqueca Country”…
(felt one migraine, felt ’em all.)

-Tuesday… martes
Ni te cases… ni te embarques;
don’t get married, nor begin a cruise.

-Wednesday alert!
be careful with Wednesday…
looks like any other day, but it’s not…
be ready for tricks!

-Thursday… serious day –
offers two choices:
good for starting a business…
or bad for starting a business.

-Friday… a good day to go Crusoeing
in your Puntiac –
originally called Weekendanticipationday,
but the calendar lobby complained
that it was too long,
so it was changed to Friday.

-Saturday… one of my favorites –
a good day for doing Saturday-type activities.

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