(This one is No. 11, of the series “New York 16,”
impressions of my visit to New York in ’83.)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — –

-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
-Kurschel Listing #1-

“AMADEUS” plays at the
Broadhurst Theater,
44th St. & Broadway.

-Front row, seat 5,
angular view of the court
of Emperor Joseph II of Austria,
and the rivalry between
Antonio Salieri, court composer,
and the court’s upstart composer,
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

-David Dukes – superb as Salieri,
Mark Hamill – excellent as Mozart,
brilliant sets & costumes,
the emperor looks his part,
strong drama, lots of laughs,
the audience loves every royal put-down,
Mozart minuet, outrageous speech.

-At the end, the genius dies…
After the curtain calls
deep inside of me I heard
the plaintive melody & playful cadence,
of his violin concerto No. 5.

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