-Hi, Love? I’m Hate…
I was thinking, would you like to have
a Love-Hate relationship?

Sure, Hate, I’ll try it,
what do I do?

-Take some of your love
and sprinkle it over me.

I get it! then you reciprocate…?

-I hate that!

Hate what?

-Why say ‘reciprocate’?
Why not say, ‘then you do the same’?
But no! You’ve got to throw in
the long word!

Hate, I love it when you get mad
for no reason… something sexy about it!

-There! See what I mean?
Sex! It’s always about sex, isn’t it?
I hate that!

Come here, big boy,
let’s have a REAL Love-Hate relationship!

-I hate it! I hate it I tell you…
but… but I love it!

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