Went to New York in ’83… lived there once
for several years. Flying back I started
to write “NEW YORK 16” (A Poem in 16 Movements.)
This one is No. 4.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

New York City,
growth industry
for dealers of dreams
& tragedies.

City of hustlers
of various denominations,
of poets, artists, actors, jugglers,
and other survival freaks.

Epicenter to the 9th
N.Y. Book Fair,
and the International Festival
of Latinoamerica Poetry.

New York City,
its walls & sidewalks vibrate
from the incessant rhythm
of feet & cars & trailers,
2-storied London buses,
horses, joggers, muggers,
sirens in heat
day & night,
thousands of yellow taxis,
green taxis, any color taxis,
garment trucks, garbage trucks,
limousines, parades, tap dancing,
any kind of dancing…

And millions of people,
charging, surging, thrusting
themselves into subways,
a gigantic, frantic, rush-hour
ride of the Valkiri!

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