Colt .45
.38 Smith & Wesson
.32 Special
.22 Remington
.9 mm Luger
10 year old boy


That article about tours yruly in a national magazine will be coming
out in late June; I’ll reveal the name of it about two weeks prior to
publication. When the time comes, please don’t buy more than 10 issues
at a time! Shame on you… give other people a chance to get it too!
(it’s all about cryptograms & my “poetry.”)

And when it rains, it pours… a columnist for the main newspaper in
Knoxville, Tennessee, interviewed me in writing & will be calling Friday,
about an upcoming column he’ll be writing about my “Celebrity Cipher”
cryptograms in two or three weeks. I’ll put up a link when the time comes.

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