(Back in ’79 or ’80 I flew to Casper, Wyoming, on business;
driving from the airport and later at the Holiday Inn I heard on
the radio and TV about a local killing, a love triangle, and also
about the Chinook winds that were blowing in town and how they
affected people in strange ways… so all of a sudden I had
something to write about.)

“…and that’s the shape of the news –
Casper weather, winds from the northwest
& winds from the east will cross southerly winds…”


-“What was that!?”

“Stop worrying – it’s just the wind,
he’s 100 miles away…”

-“I’m scared, I think he knows…”

3:53 p.m., 48°, snow on flat rock No. 3 –

“I’ll have another double!”
(got to drink it fast,
don’t want them to be late for their funerals.)

“1,292 minutes to Reno”, on the billboard,
10 blocks to Douglas Gun & Rifle shop.

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