(I read at Pat Cohee’s bookstore in Laguna Beach,
back in ’03. I like to set myself different cha-
llenges, so I asked him for a strange word and I
would use it as the title of a poem based on it
and I would email it to him. “CHORIAMBIC” thus was born.
-.-.-.–.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. -.-.=.-.-.–.-.-.—.-.=

-God of the downtrodden,
the only god known to exist
in substandard conditions.

-Choriambic is a direct descendant
of Chupacabra López,
known throughout the ancient lands
as the scourge of domestic animals.

-One day, Chupacabra saw an apparition,
The Great White Cabra!
G.W.C. bleated out,
“Shame on you, Chupacabra!
You’re a disgrace to your ogredom,
may the dung of a million cabras
cover you up to your nostrils!

-Chupacabra felt repentant
& asked for forgiveness,
which was granted
on the condition
that Chupa

Chupacabrans all over the world,
are careful not to let
their beards grow.
They know that
is a kind
God, most
of the time,
but also has been known
to make your goat milk curdle.

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