– Welcome to Strangelaandia,
where everything that isn’t, is,,,

– Where you turn on the light
for darkness,,,
and the stars’ names
are on the Walk of Fame
on Oblivion Boulevard…

– Yes, of course, means No,
Mañana is Today,
Bueno es Malo,
For Sure always means Maybe…

“We interrupt
whatever this is,
for a message from our president,
Sibelius Rodríguez,,,”

– – ‘My fellow Strangelaandians…
a strange thing didn’t happen to me
on my way to the office this morning…’

?*?*?*?*?*?*?*?*?*?*?*?*?*?*??*?*?*?*?*?*?*? * * *}}

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