(’13) Wrote this when I first started my blog, put
together by my nephew-in-law,
Kirk Fisher. (I’m sure you heard of Fisher Worldwide
Enterprises, well, he has absolutely nothing to do
with those people!)


– Thrilled to be here typing stuff…
I’m out to win a Wurlitzer Prize.

– What? Oh, Pulitzer…
sorry about that///
of course,
I wouldn’t refuse
a McCarthy Foundation Grant either,,,
what was that?
of course, I meant MacArthur…

– Where was I?
I know… the blog, the typing,
being out to win a prize…
calling Pulitzer Wurlitzer,
McCarthy MacArthur…

– I should admit it,
Herb Caen I’ll never be,
nor the Latino,
Cazador S. Thompson.


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