Dear Future Generations

Sorry for the mess

& what we did

to Earth

trouble was,

not too many people

gave you much thought,

you were so…


you know,

years away…

you don’t understand,

it’s hard to be caring

about what’s not here

to most people

you’re just a six-letter word.

that great philosopher,

Joni Mitchell,

once said

-they paved paradise

& put up a parking lot.

who needs all those trees, anyway –

believe me

you’ve seen one redwood

you’ve seen them all —

and don’t fall for the one

that clean water

is better

than the polluted kind.

well, good luck

Future G.

like I said,

sorry about that,

didn’t mean to ignore you,

it’s just…

well, you know,


copyright 2003 Luis Campos

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