I visited the Garden of Knowledge once –
while on a stroll among the flowers
of wisdom, I found a perfect specimen of
the long-thought-to-be-extinct
Fragancius Olorosus di Amore, a flower so
beautiful and of such attraction that
pilgrims were said to have traveled
hundreds of miles for a glimpse of it,
and of course, for a whiff of its
indescribable fragrance.

Well, one fateful day the unthinkable
happened: Fragancius had disappeared!
In its place they found a note that read:
-“Ha! fooled all of you! you thought I
was the real Fragancius, but I’m really
his perfect twin, Malodorous, wearing
Fragancius’ old petals.”

-“As you probably guessed, I’m the brown
sheep of the family…” that’s who I am,
alright, so as they say in the cartoons,

-“Tho long, thuckers!”

That’s all, folks…

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