-You’re exceeding
the speed of time!
push the “REGRESS” button

-NOW, before it’s…
too late!

welcome to the future…
you have entered
the 10th dimension…

-As you can see,
the Mayans were right,
2012 was the year
the music died…

-Of course,
our mind-storage units
preserved selected egos,
including Truman Capote’s…

-It’ll be a thousand years
before Earth loses
its parolee status
& human reforesting
is allowed to resume.

-Meanwhile, repeat after me:
“I have no idea…
what’s going on…
and perhaps it’s better…
that I don’t.”

you’re now
as thoroughly confused
as everyone else!

-But wait!
what’s that in the distance?
is it a bird?
is it a plane?
no… it’s…

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