(dropped the title & can’t find it; I’ll keep looking.)


-Reaper, first name: Grim.




-Yes; I go for people
when their time is up.

I see… how can the
Eternity Employment Department
help you, Mr. Reaper?

-It’s just that… I’m burned out!
I’d like to apply for another job…

What’s wrong with what you do?

-I’m just feeling depressed, that’s all…
if it’s not war, it’s heart attacks,
car accidents, it never stops!
I need a change.

Tell you what, Grim – I see by your record
that you deserve a rest…
take a couple of centuries off…
you did a great job during the Spanish influenza,
you were magnificent during the First
and Second World Wars, not to mention Korea,
Vietnam, the African famines…

-Gee, thanks! By the way,
who’s going to be taking my place?

Ingmar Bergman… I’m sure you remember him?
So where are you going to go on your time off?

-First I’m going to go to Hell…
want to personally thank Hitler for all the overtime –
also Trujillo, Stalin, Idi Amin, I have a long list.

-Afterwards, if I’m in the mood I might make a couple
of guest appearances at big earthquakes,
tsunamis… things like that.

Thank you, Mr. Reaper… by the way, nice scythe!

-Shiny… Got it through Amazon!

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