– “Music!
good to hear you again…”

– ‘Hey, Poetry!
I always get excited
when I hear your voice…’

– “It’s a shame
that we don’t get together
more often…
we could be doing
so much more.”

– ‘I know! Thank God
for Dylan, McCartney,
and Young…
How’s brother Art
doing these days?’

– “Lots of activity, Poetry…
the Blank Canvas exhibit
at the Metropolitan
was a sell-out…
and lots of excitement
about the upcoming
Christo installation,,,
the draping of Greenwich Village
in rainbow colors.”

– ‘Sounds delightful!
Well, nice hearing from you, Music…
to quote a warm Robert Frost,
‘I too have miles to go
before I sleep…’
Keep those melodies coming!’

– “And you keep sprinkling magic
on those words!”


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