-Hi! End of the World?
listen, do you mind very much
postponing Armaggedon
for a while?
I’m in the middle of
something important…
could use a little more time.

-Time Exchange?
Never heard of it!
you mean I can buy more time
by using Mindcoins?

-OK, I’d like 10 more years,
here are a hundred Mindcoins…
wow! that’s almost all my allotment,
but what the heck!

-What! a 12 Mindcoin fine for swearing?
all I said was ‘heck’!

-Oh, so now it’s 24 Mindcoins
for repeating it?
OK, here’s 24, I apologize.

-What! ‘Apologize’ is a magic word
and I win 50 Mindcoins? Wonderful,
thank you very much!

-That certainly merits a ‘Like’,
End of the World!

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