Muted, but sharply defined
car horns and engines,
an electric fan,

Segue into a sense of
D – E – T – A – C – H – M – E – N – T
from surroundings,
overview of material forms
changes gradually
to overview of thought
& thought processes,
as we slowly enter the mind…

The mind,
with/without reason,
it can be when it’s not,
it can be if it isn’t.

Visionary, cloudy,
endowed, disadvantaged,
now is tomorrow yesterday,
(evil is good & good is evil),
it’s not there, and there it is!

Enhancer, expander
regressive, creative,
vibrant, distorted,
fucked up…

of all lights, colors &
shades of darkness,
theory X logic X space X time = vision.

The thinking process
in full motion,
up, down &
around movement
of letters, symbols,
colors, numbers,
formulas, equations,
an endless evolvement
of geometrical designs,
a storage of data complex,
applicable knowledge banks…

An Unpleasantness Corridor,
a Pleasureratorium,
Decision Headquarters,
Feelings & Emotions area…

On the way to the Mental Block Region
we follow Confusion Blvd., to its end,
turn right at Lack of Imagination Drive,
follow 200 signs, east, west, north & south,
up & down & around…

In the Strictly Logic area,
lots of space,
meters & all kinds of measuring devices,
thought voltage regulators,
thousands of charts & control panels,
blinking lights, beeping sounds.

Up Frankenstein Drive,
the Braincell Retreading Sector.

If it is about the mind,
it will be continued…

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