(’72 – ’73)


– Gross National Product,
I love you!

– My heart beats
one tenth of one percent faster,
when I think of you…
I pledge my stocks, my bonds,
my horsepower, my chrome,,,
keep going up! and up! and up!
you are so… gross!

– I’ll keep my smokestacks smoking,
for you,
my exhaust exhausting
for you…
carbon monoxide, lead,
sulphur dioxide,
nothing is too good, for you…

– I know a backward lake
still with clear waters,
that just sits there,,,
what a waste! when we can give it
some phosphates…

– Please! Get grosser & grosser,
as your index gives me purpose…
I would gladly sacrifice
a fiscal year of my life, for you…

– Give me more! more! more!
overtime! triple time,
You must grow! grow! grow!
– Long live our rich nation!


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