(’95 – ’18)


– Went looking for %&@#%!…
looked everywhere,
within myself, even beyond,
but no %&@#%!,,,
still I tried///

– “%&@#%! %&@#%!”
I shouted…
“%&@#%! %&@#%!”
a faint echo could be heard.

– I knew that if I never
stopped looking,
there was always a chance
of finding %&@#%! somewhere.

– I lit candles & prayed
for %&@#%! to appear
or give me a sign,
but %&@#%! did not appear —
did not give me a sign.

– I knew that %&@#%! acted
in mysterious ways,
so I persisted…
“Come to me, or let me
come to you,” I implored.
Nothing. Not even an echo.

– It’s been a long time,,,
I still wait…
I know I shall hear from %&@#%!,
perhaps on a bright summer day,
or on a stormy afternoon,
when the clutter in the house
is in harmony with the sound of rain
falling into buckets.


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