(’95 – ’18) Deirdre O’Donahue, RIP, was a lady who hosted
“Breakfast with the Beatles” every Sunday on one of
the main FM outlets; I dedicated the poem to her &
she read it on the program, which was a special treat for me.


– The most Magical Mystery of all…

– The Beatles!

– – “Love, love me do,
you know I love you…”

– Cycles & stars,
alignment of planets,
convergence of ideas,,,
the Muse of Creativity’s
coitus non-interruptus///
the molecular structure
of Lucy in the Sky,
see how they fly…

– – “Once there was a way,
to get back home,
once there was a way…”

– Would you believe
there are still people
who refuse to acknowledge
we all live in a Yellow Submarine?!

– – “Full speed ahead, Mr. Crawford…”

– Beatles music forever,
Across the Universe.


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