From ’70-’71, based on an original painting;
appeared in “VENICE 13,”, which was published
in ’73 & included poems by John Harris, Joseph
Hansen, Harry Northup. Dennis Holt, Barry Simons
and eight others; one of my all-time favorite poems.

-On his unicycle,
wearing Sunday’s best,
Classification T-337
-Unemployed Spanish Gigolo-
eyes the ladies
out for a walk.

along Church Street,
windows are opening
to let in
some holy air…
the albino dog rehearses
his 10 o’clock bark,
as the cashew vendor
inspects his nuts…


-Out of nowhere,
a 747
in short pants,
overshoots the runway,
scraping his knees,
but manages to retrieve
his marshmallow
from the mud,
right by the old-time lamppost,
the one that wags its bulb…

-Can you blame the dog
for pissing on it?

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