-“Due to technical diffi…cult…
hold on a second!
I think I hear him! I think it’s him!…”

–“Hello everyone!
This is Elvis, in heaven,
saying hello…”

–“Just got tired of being spotted
at gas stations, so I decided
to send all my fans a blessing
& all my love,
through the Top-40 Network
of Celestial Stations…”

–“I’m here with John, George, Jim,
Michael, Ella, Dinah, Richie,
Satchmo, the Big Bopper…
you name the star from the past,
he or she is here…”

–“We love you & want to sing for you
one of our favorite spirituals…”

–“He’s got the whole world
in His hands,
He’s got the whole world,
in His hands…”

–“He’s got you and me brother,
in His hands…
He’s got the whole wide world,
in His hands…”

–“Thank you all!”


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