(these are lines from Beatles songs… not
necessarily the correct words, but what I
hear when that song is playing.)

-I am the egg man… I am the walrus,
climbing up the Eiffel Tower
with Edgar Allan Poe…

-I’ve seen that road before,
a long, long time ago –
Coca Cola, he said:
one thing I can tell you is,
you’ve got to be free!
Life is very short
and there’s no time
for fighting, my friend…

-One sweet dream –
back in the U.S.S.R.,
in the middle of negotiations,
I break down – pick up the
back-spinning limousine…
It’s been a hard day’s night
and I’ve been working like a dog…

-Here comes the Sun King!
Everybody’s laughing!
Everybody’s happy!
Did you meet Polyethylene Pam?
she came in through the bathroom window –

-Didn’t anybody tell her?
didn’t anybody see?
Sunday is on the phone to Monday,
come and keep your comrade warm…

-Nothing you can do, that can’t be done,
nothing you can make, that can’t be made,
nothing you can say, that can’t be said,
nothing you can sing, that can’t be sung…

Hey Jude,
anytime you feel the pain, refrain…
take a sad song
and make it better.

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