(’98) It never rains in Southern California,
but when it does, it gets tough, especially
when a mountainside lets go of mud & debris.
I once helped an Indian guru dig out from one
such mess on Topanga Canyon Blvd.

– “Hi! The name’s Mud, M-U-D,
I’m here to ruin your day –
please introduce me
to your nice, clean carpets,
parquet floor
& rose garden,
anything I can clog up,
just let me know.”

– “Got enough shovels,
hoses & brooms?
You’re going to need them.
Where did I get my name?
It used to be Mudd, with two ‘D’s,
but my father decided
he wanted his name to be Mud,
with one ‘D’,
so here I am… just Mud.”

– “Well, gotta keep sliding…
I see a couple of houses
down the canyon, still clean!
I think I’ll head that way.”

– “Bye… see you on the next El Niño!”


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