Took a piano for a walk –
I don’t do that often,
but Yamaha kept asking…

-Please, my three legs need the exercise-
it implored, so down the street we went…
it wasn’t easy, with the potholes and everything.

We hadn’t gone far when we noticed
a trombone sliding down the road

“Pardon me,” it said to us,
“but would you happen to have any WD-40
for a creaky, old instrument?”

‘Sorry, old timer… but you can join us if you’d like.’

So off we went, a poet, a piano and a creaky old trombone,
and wouldn’t you know it? We almost tripped over
a Fender guitar sitting on the curb.

“Hello there!” it said to us, “Do you mind if I string along?”

So what do you say to one of the Fender boys,
who wants to join your group?

-C’mon along if you’d like; we’re just going for a walk.

“Great! And there’s my half-Mexican, half-Chinese friend Mando Lin –
can he come along too?”

Sure, as Shakespeare’s second cousin Bernie used to say,
the more the merrier…

All right, let’s go! All together now:

“We’re off to see the concertmaster, the wonderful concertmaster
of Imaginationland.”

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