-In the beginning
I started with nature…
animals, plants, mountains,
oceans, rivers, glaciers…

-Mixed in disasters:
tornadoes, earthquakes,
tidal waves…
made all the laws & mysteries,
then came to the tough part:
human beings.

-I could’ve used some help
creating them, but had I gone
to Zeus for assistance,
my Supreme FICA status
would’ve suffered…
I hate to admit it but I made a mistake.

-I had told them from the beginning,
“ok, humans, I’ll furnish the ingredients,
but you’ll have to cook your own sancocho…
choose fresh plátanos, or spoiled batatas…
battlefields, or strawberry fields.”

-Did it work?

It wouldn’t be God-like
to give away Arma… oops!
meant to say,
the ending.

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