Excuse me, I’m looking for God…

–How do you do, I’m God.
what can I do for you?

Well, you see God, I’ve sinned.

–You have?

Yes, most definitely…
I’ve sinned, I admit it!

–Well, that’s not too good,
what do you suggest I should do to such a sinner?

I think you should say to yourself,
‘He sinned, allright,
but at least he admitted it, give him a break…’

–OK, sinner, I’ll give you a break,
but tell me, why did you sin in the first place?

Because I knew that if I did, all I had to do
was admit it and I would be forgiven.

–In other words, God can be fooled…

Exactly! He worries about the big stuff…
you think he’s going to be worried
about a broken window of the soul?
For Christ’s sake, this is God we’re talking about!

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