(’81 or ’82)


– I’m accused of being a spy
for the Kingdom of Nature,
mainly because I talk to the trees
and the trees talk to me,,,

– Am I at fault if I’m the only one
who can talk to the trees?
Am I to blame for the billions who can’t?

– I’m fluent in two tree-languages:
Pineish and Cedarish;
I also know some basic Elmish.

– I ask the prosecutor, Mr. Millsaw,
would you feel any less human
if at one time one of your ancestors,
perhaps out of loneliness,
may have fallen in love with a tree?
Where’s the crime?
are we ready to legislate love?

– Where does the fault lie?
If the tree is at fault,
should it be chopped down?

– Ladies & gentlemen of the jury,,,
yes, I talk to trees, trees talk to me.
You might’ve wondered what we talk about…
we talk about the weather,
and how things have and have not changed
from the time it was a sapling…

– We don’t talk politics, things like that –
too complicated ///

– We talk about the weather.


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