-I’m accused of being a spy
for the Kingdom of Nature
because I talk to the trees
and the trees talk to me.

-Am I to be presumed
guilty of treason
for my gift?

-I’m fluent in two arbolanguages:
Pineish and Oakian;
I also know some basic Elmish.

-It’s true that at one time long ago,
perhaps out of loneliness,
I developed a deep affection
for a magnolia tree –
was that a crime?
are we to criminalize tree hugging?

-But treason?!

-Ladies and gentlemen of the jury –
yes, I talk to trees, trees talk to me.
If you wonder what we talk about…
we talk about the weather,
and how things have and have not changed
since they were saplings…

-We don’t talk politics, things like that –
too complicated…

-We talk about the weather.

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