+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ++{ }++>==

– At 12 noon the ceremony begins.

– Alongside sculptured granite,
the women, all in black,
march slowly, double file,
black hats, black dresses,
black capes.

– Some 200 priests follow,
in white robes & white shoes,
wearing sashes of purple & white &
bright colors,,,
one looks like a Mexican serape.

– After the priests, in single file,
God’s SWAT team: bishops & higher ups,
-about 150- most in their 60’s & 70s…
many wear pointed hats,
other wear crowns, with jewels &
intricate golden designs…
Benvenuto Cellini would’ve approved.

– The organ stretches its chords
in anticipation…
on the sidewalk, a lady sings softly,,,
photographers, video cameras,
a large crowd.

– A young priest holds high
Jesus’ picture,
one of the hierarchy carries
a golden staff adorned with filigrees,
bells are peeling,
Terence Cardinal Cooke is the last to enter.

– Inside the stain-glassed cavern,
architectural imprints –
divine hands of exalted humans –
the choir & strident organ
pollinate musical crescendos.

– Cloaks, robes, hats & crowns rise,
-2,000 spectators-
the Cardinal motions & the tide recedes.
He then speaks into a mike:

– “…the power growing from the
resurrection of Jesus Christ…
ordination of Bishops elect
Lawrence J. Kenney, Francis X. Roque
& Joseph Dimino,
Military Vicars of the United States…
a hymn of praise!”

– A tenor & female choir
sing “The Promise of Our Lord”
& “The Holy Spirit Lives in Us.”

– I make the sign of the cross
& exit to my secularities.


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