(From ’74 or ’75 – Rod McKuen made big money
selling his books of poetry to the June/moon crowd.

Joe Hansen hated the use of ‘ing’ endings of words
in poetry… not enough impact.

-Chapter 1

-The clues were many…
fraternizing with clichés
and ‘ing’ endings,
flagellating sentences,
22 caliber puns…

-The Poet Patrol surrounds him
at his unlicensed poetry factory…

-“Luís! C’mon out
with your Underwood up!
Turn in your images!”

-Defiantly, the poet shouts,
“Truth is a myth!”

-Chapter 2

-“How do you plead guilty, or else?”

–“Innocent, Your Honor,
by reasonable dissonance!”

-“The State will prove collusion
between the accused
& the Benevolent Union
of Rhyming Poets, or B.U.R.P.”

-Famous attorney Kuntzler B. Poetaster
speaks for the defense:
“Your Honor, in the best
plea bargaining tradition,
my client changes his stanza
to nolo bullshitus.”

-“Motion denied!
Two McKuen readings
or 30 days!”


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