Your honor,
in the next case the accused,
Yours W. Truly,
was caught in the act of overwriting.

-How do you plead, Mr. Truly?

Guilty, your honor,
with an explanation…

-How can you possibly explain
writing six poems in one day…
if that’s not overwriting, what is?!

You see, your honor,
in one of those poems I was
PRETENDING to write one,
but I really wasn’t…
it was all experimental!

-Is that why I couldn’t understand it?


-That being the case,
I now pronounce you man and…
oops! sorry… I’m doing a wedding
later on – got confused.

-Mr. Truly… I’m sure you’re aware
that overwriting is a very serious
offense, although I’ll say
this in your favor, that I believed you
when you said that you were only
pretending to write a poem…
they were so awful, how could it
have been otherwise?

-Bailiff! Unshackle the prisoner!
he’s free to go fly his mental kite!


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