(’83 – ’18) Originally I called this piece
“RANDOM POETRY,’ – I had the nasty habit of
ambushing friends & getting them to participate
in sort of instant poems. This one I wrote with
accomplished pianist & accordionist
Ms. Ruth Judkowitz. (her lines start
with an *)


– No honey in the joint,,,
– no joint to call my own,
– only black coffee –

* Pump that chemical euphoria
* into my brain…
* keep me awake, alert,
* for the Electric Tribesmen…

– Is it true that uppers are downers?
– That nacho is but a macho with an ‘n’?

* And the busboy’s named Luís…
– and who knows, his T-shirt
– might have a hole in it too! ///

* So he can escape…
* a hole is the most perfect
* geometric shape,
– in this unique verse.


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