“CHEAP MOVIE” Scene 1, take 1… action!

-“The name’s Bong, James Bong,
I’m looking for Dr. Perhaps.”

— “He’ll be back in a couple of hours,
I’m his twin brother, Mr. Maybe…
who are you, Mr. Bong, what do you do?

-“I’m an explorer… I climb the heights
of the mind, seeking truth
and the meaning of it all.”

-“I’m seeing Dr. Perhaps for my bipsychic disorder,
a rare form of soul fungus…
the last time he had me drink an imaginary tea
from an imaginary medicinal plant –
also gave me a mental massage.

-“Well, Mr. Maybe, please tell Dr. Perhaps
that I stopped by. (I think!)”

—- “Cut! take an hour for drunkch!

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