(’82) Sometimes I’ll be inspired by news stories,
such as the following, a real-life horror movie.

-Thunder & lightning at dawn…
a great flash &
a million cracking whips –
the lights go out,,,
my rubber-covered, shock-proof,
water-proof flashlight
doesn’t work…

-After a search
I find a candle,
the heavy rain stops,
I sit & stare at the candlelight
& think of RED RUM,
“murder,’ spelled backwards,
written on the wall
at the scene of the crime.

-Famous nutritionist
Professor Howard Appledorf
was suffocated in his condominium
near the University of Florida campus
at Gainesville,
sacrificee in a ritual during which
four male prostitutes drank Budweisers
& feasted on submarine sandwiches
as he gasped for air & died…
his head covered with a canvas bag –

-Days later the victim’s car was spotted
by New York City police –
wild chase, suspect apprehended,
dragnet out for others.

-The professor was notorious in the ’70s
as a defender of the nutritional value
of junk food.

-The thunder & downpour resume,
the candle is almost out –
“30% chance of rain today”
says the female voice
on the radio.

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