So happy to have you back again,
you disappeared for some time.
How’s your spouse,
Abra Cadabra,
and your son, Chupa Cadabra?

-They’re fine; Abra does tricks,
magic tricks, of course,
and Chupa was named
“Paparazzo of the Year”
which is a high honor,
anyone reaching the second level
in paparazzia is a star worthy
of its own paparazzione.

A high honor, indeed…
tell me Magic, what brings you back?
miss the roar of the crowd?

-That was part of it, but I miss
mainly the stealing – it was easy
for me to pull out one or two
hundred dollar bills from each wallet
when I did my tricks.
I can’t wait to start practicing
my art again.

Yes, I can see how you would miss
that side-line. Well, thank you,
Magic, for a revealing interview

-You’re welcome.

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