-Were you aware
that all thoughts
must be pre-cleansed
to ensure purity?

–“Yes, your honor.”

-And yet, you were caught
in the act of meditating!
an obvious violation!

–“Your honor, I swear…
I wasn’t REALLY thinking!”

-You seem repentant…
therefore I’m only revoking
your thinking license
for six months,
instead of a year.

-During that period
you’re to wear a ThinkCap™
which will monitor
any thinking activity
within your mind.

-From this moment on,
you’re not to think at all!
Do you understand?!

–“Yes, your honor,
I… think so.

-You ‘THINK’ so?
what did I just say?!
I’m holding you in contempt!

remove the accused!


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