(Wrote this piece on Labor Day, ’82…
the times, they were tough!)

-The greatest recession
since the Great Depression,
11 million unemployed,
bad economic news daily,
fauxbums sleep on the streets,
in automobiles, in shelters…

-Foreclosures, bankruptcies,
Chapter 11, hunger, desperation,
high interest rates,
high unemployment in Canada,
grandes dificultades en México…

-England’s unemployment
at record levels,
W. Germany in trouble,
retrenchments, cut-backs, furloughs…
my friend Jim loses his home,
another friend runs out of
unemployment checks…

-Factories close,
workers look at their last pay-check…
feeling defeated at home,
many people move
from Illinois & Ohio
to Texas, Oklahoma or Wyoming …

-A great many never suffered
hard times before.


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