– Coincidence Martinez!
How are you?
funny thing,
I was just thinking of you,
and there you are!
what an incredible coincidence,

– So tell me, Coincidence,
I heard you spent time
in the joint.

“Seven long ones, bro,
for something I didn’t do!”

– How did that happen?

“Well, at the time,
by coincidence,
my perfect-twin brother José
was in town
& pulled off an armed robbery
three blocks from where I lived!
the bodega owner he held up
thought it was me
& I was arrested.

– But didn’t you tell the cops?

“I did, but José’s girl friend
swore under oath that he was at
her place at the time of the
robbery, so he was cleared &
I went on trial.”

– Terrible! And then…?

“Then, by pure coincidence,
the foreman of the jury
turned out to be a direct descendant
of the McGuilty clan,
and they only vote one way…”

– Must’ve been tough…
Good to see you Coincidence,
stay well… I’m sure we’ll meet again…
by coincidence.


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