– They serve the coffee lukewarm,
at the Sad Cafe,,,
the waitress’ eyes
are red from crying///
the radio plays
the bluest of the blues,
they did away with the happy hour
at the Sad.

– It’s the in place for couples
breaking up,
obituaries are posted on the wall,
four people have dropped dead at the cafe
from sadness…

– At the Sad Cafe you get a choice
of salt, pepper or cyanide…
the last laughter heard at the place
was in 1956,
at the time of the infamous
blood-all-over-the-place incident…

– Some people believe the cafe is haunted
by the ghost of its original owner who,
legend has it, died of sadness when his pet chihuahua
was flattened by an 18-wheeler…

– The door swings open///
TV host Pancake Stack,
of “Unresolved Mysteries” enters,
followed by a cameraman
& a sound technician…

– “Please don’t mind us,
just continue being sad…”
says Pancake, as he loosens
his trench-coat’s belt.


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