-The neighbor on the 10th floor
is a young cop, of Greek extraction,
who smokes dope & broadcasts live arguments
with his father.

-Even though there are three porters
on duty at all hours,
a mugging took place in the building
about a week before I arrived…
a man forced a woman off the elevator,
took her purse & fled,,,
a tenants’ meeting was called
to deal with this new danger.

-Two of the porters are from the Dominican ///
the bald-headed black actor
who does the Jamaica commercials
lives in the building,
which has a laundry room,
a boutique & a newstand.

-In the kitchen of my brother’s apartment,
the same birds come to the window each morning,
for their daily ration of stale bread
& pigeon English.

-On the roof top, The City turns on her good side
when she knows she’s being watched,
especially at night.

-It’s an old, well-preserved building,
with many stories,
to tell.


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