-Gang killings,
latest salmonella warnings,
three more marines die,
in a roadside bombing
west of Bagdad…

-Miners trapped in China,
a tornado hits London…

-What does it all mean?

-Distant galaxies, black holes,
string & Big Bang theories,
cells, molecules, microorganisms,
nono-technology, water on Mars…

-What does it all mean?

-The execution will take place
at 11:00 p.m.,,,
Polonium-210, 210 Interstate,
I’ll meet you at 2:10 p.m. exactly
Star Wars – Episode 210…

-What does it all mean?

-“The doctor will see you now…”
-“Officer… I swear to God,
I’ll never do that again!”
“Hey! I think I’ll write a novel!”

-What does it all mean?


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