(8/31/83) Poet John Brander (RIP) & I were having a couple of
margaritas & stuff at “Que Pasa?’s” during happy hour, so I
jotted down a couple of lines on a napkin & passed it to John,
who authored the lines marked with asterisks.


– “Valenzuela is in trouble,
5 to 1 Mets, in the fourth…”

* Grand slam! Wilson trots home,
a sky of cheers in his ears…

– Hooray! An all-American home run
with a ball made in Haiti,,,

* Conversations intrude the loudness of lives ///
“Last call for margaritas…”
Que Pasa happy hour specials.

– Glasses clink.
“Harry… party of 3”
a female voice on the loudspeaker —

*Tacos & salsa fill narrow tables,,,
empty glasses bear marks of lipstick ///
napkins with red parrots lie crumpled in waste.

– “Last call! The happy hour is over…”

– “Sherwood, party of 4,,, Sherwood!”


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