“I’m sorry to interrupt your reading, but I’m trying
to escape from this guy’s book. He’s too way out there.
Makes me a little spooky. I need to get out!”

“If there’s no one around, I’ll just slide out of the page
and be on my way… but if there’s someone nearby, wait
until it’s all clear, then tap three times on the page.”

– But, what happens with the blank page?

“That’s his worry! Why did he put me in here
in the first place?! Is this the first time
you read his drivel? There’s no way to tell
what he’s saying!”

– OK,,, if that’s what you… wait! Here’s your chance;
you can leave right now… all is clear!

– Hey, Poem, I’m talking to you! Now’s the time… go!

“Er… you know what, I’m kinda thinking about it…
I know the guy’s an idiot, but I don’t know,,,
maybe I should give him another chance…”

– You mean, after all that, you changed your mind?!
What kind of a Poem are you? No spine!
First the guy is an idiot, then he’s not!
I’ve had it with you!!!

please keep it down!


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