-It’s all a mistake!

-For God’s sake, please believe me!
I’m not the one… I did not kill Time!
I’m not a Time killer…

-It’s true, I’ve thought of it at times,
-no pun intended, your honor!-
you have a long wait,
you TEMPORARILY kill Time,
but I would never kill it permanently!

-As for Time’s alleged deathbed accusation,
I may have said once or twice,
“Let’s kill some Time,”
but to call that a conspiracy!?

-I’m innocent, I tell you… whether noon
or midnight, I always tried to be
Time-conscious, Time-aware, Time-wise,
Time after Time.

-WHAT! Eternity DNA confirmed
that I couldn’t be the killer
and you’re dropping all charges?!
fantastic! I always kept the faith.

-Once again, proof that there is an
i(ZD8r7)GIGA9QX in Cyberspace.

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