-I walk up to view the corpse,
pay my respects and say goodbye to
a mirror!!?

-Now, how…?
is this some kind of macabre joke?
Where’s the deceased, what’s his name?
…her name?

-Do I have the wrong address?
the wrong hour? the wrong day?
what’s going under?

-I took time off from work
for a funeral, where’s the body?
what do I do with these tears
& words of praise?

-A mirror!? who ever heard?
all I see is a reflection…
oh, no! does this mean…?

-Impossible! why, I feel fine!
wait! I’ll clear this up,
there is Juan, I’ll ask him…

-Hi, Juan… look inside the casket,
there’s nothing but a mirror…
hey, Juan, I’m talking to you,
stop acting like I’m not here!

-This is insane! it must be a nightmare,
I must wake up, but I… am…
so… t+i+r+e+d.


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