(1/23/05) I read this tribute to Joseph (Joe) Hansen during his
memorial at Beyond Baroque. We met during the first meeting
of the Venice Poetry Workshop, back in ’69. When I walked in he
welcomed me & asked my name; after I said “Luís (Lou-EASE) Campos”
he exclaimed, “That’s a very poetic name!” Thank you, Joe, for
making me feel welcome, and for being who you were. RIP.


– The singing continues,,,

– The Earth turns
at the same rhythm,,,

– The Sun still rises,,,

– But it’s not the same,
there’s a great void,
a vast feeling of loss,,,

– If you listen closely
to the bird,
a note is missing,,,

– If you look at the stars,
they’re not as bright as
as they were,
when the poet wrote.


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